Sportshowroom V.O.F. (hereinafter referred to as “Sportshowroom”), established at President Kennedylaan 34-2; 1079 NE Amsterdam, is responsible for the processing of your personal data through the domains that include sportshowroom before the following TLDs: .nl, .de, .es, .fr, .pl and .it. In this Privacy Statement we declare what information we do and do not collect and why we do so. We always take into account the rules of Dutch and European legislation, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Contact details

If you have any questions about our Privacy Statement, please contact us using the information below:
Sportshowroom V.O.F.
President Kennedylaan 34-2; 1079 NE Amsterdam; The Netherlands
[email protected] |

Information we do and do not collect

Sportshowroom is only an intermediary for webshops and consumers. Personal information is not actively gathered on our site. We never ask for your name, gender, e-mail address, telephone number and bank or credit card details. The only thing we passively gather is your IP address, in order to improve your user experience and gain insight into certain statistics, such as the number of visitors per region. Sportshowroom only collects necessary and available data to perform the services of a search engine / comparison site. To find out what kind of cookies we place, please refer to our Cookie Policy (see footer).

Why we do NOT need certain information

We do not need your personal information to place an order, because webshops process your order.
We do not need your contact details, because the webshops are providing the customer service.
We do not need your profile information, because the option to create an account is not available, nor is the option to place a review.
We do not need your email address, because we do not send newsletters to visitors of our sites.

Modifications Privacy Statement

Sportshowroom reserves the right to modify the content of this Privacy Statement, without prior notice, in accordance with the rules of the GDPR. The most recent version of our Privacy Statement can be found on this webpage.

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